What Are the Names of Some of the Most Popular Free Online Radio Stations?

Some of the most popular free online radio stations are iTunes Radio, Last.fm and Slacker Radio. iTunes Radio, which was set up by Apple, has around 27 million tracks. It is entirely free without any commercials in between for those residing in the United States.

Slacker Radio, which offers around 13 million tracks, is available for free in the United States. But, there are commercials in-between. Last.fm with its user-friendly Scrobbler system joined Spotify and YouTube for additional music tracks and better Internet radio system. Those without Spotify accounts can access around 12 million tracks while those with Spotify accounts have access to more than 20 million tracks. Last.fm, which offers the options of free and paid subscriptions, is available to U.S. residents. The free radio streaming has commercials in between.