How Do You Get Your Nabi Screen Repaired?


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Obtain a repair for the screen of a Nabi tablet by contacting the manufacturer and speaking with a support agent about warranty coverage and licensed repair centers or by using a business directory sites such as Yellowpages.com to find local repair shops, as of 2016. Another option is to purchase the parts through sites such as Amazon.com or eBay.com and conduct the repair yourself.

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The Nabi tablet is a touchscreen device originally make by Fuhu with features and programs designed for use by children, with the ability for parents to monitor activity and restrict access to specific features or online destinations. As of December 2015, the company had sold many of its assets to Mattel and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, though it still maintains many of the original support services for the device. Contact the company's support department to ask about warranty coverage on the device, which may allow you to send the tablet to the company for repair.

If the device has no warranty coverage or the company is unwilling to complete the repairs, you can search for a local repair shop through Yellowpages.com by entering your ZIP code and terms related to electronics repairs.

When conducting your own repairs, begin by determining if the issue is with the LCD screen or the touchscreen component, and then purchasing the appropriate part. Unscrew the casings, disconnect the power and screen connectors, and then insert the new components.

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