How Does the N2Y Unique Learning System Work?

Unique Learning System is an online curriculum specifically designed for students with special needs. Unique Learning System is interactive and standards-based and offers monthly thematic units of study that are available for download to subscribers.

All Unique Learning System materials feature SymbolStix symbols and special education interactive materials that can be incorporated into classroom learning activities. Unique Learning System uses differentiated instruction to include students of all levels of expectation in every activity. Level 1 targets students who require the most support in order to increase participation. Level 2 is for students who may require pictures and other direct support in completing lessons and activities. Level 3 curriculum is intended for more independent students who can read and write at a basic level and perform simple math operations.

Unique Learning System features six grade bands that target different developmental levels, including Preschool, Elementary, Intermediate, Middle School, High School and Transition. Unique Learning Systems has become increasingly interactive and offers multiple choice selection, matching, text entry and drag and drop, as well as text to speech. Unique Learning System's GPS helps track assessments over the long term and provides access to profiles, checkpoints, benchmarking, core rubrics and transition planning. Administrators also have access to a special portal that can be used to track and manage educators, as well as teacher usage information.