What Is MyWalmart on WalmartOne?

MyWalmart on WalmartOne is an online portal that Walmart's employees and associates use to access their work schedules, pay stubs and benefits. Logged-in associates also use the portal to connect with other associates, get Walmart news and access self-improvement resources.

Every week, 1.4 million people go to work at Walmart stores spread across the US, according to Melcrum.com. To ensure that these people get the current information and resources they need to work, Walmart developed a social media site that employees could access from their homes. Walmart launched mywalmart.com to cater exclusively to the information needs of the company's associates. The site has been active since 2009.

Although company executives initially launched myWalmart as an information website, the site has grown into a management tool that collects feedback from employees and enables interactions among Walmart's associates. The portal also educates employees on issues that affect the company, educational and job opportunities, as well as the initiatives that top management rolls out to boost efficiency.

Walmart developed the portal to act as a communication channel that reaches the company's associates wherever they are. Through the portal, Walmart associates can get real-time updates on the schedule and progress of their work, accrued benefits and emerging work opportunities.