What Is "MySearchDial"?


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MySearchDial is marketed as a useful third party extension that installs a toolbar in the Internet browser that includes both its own search engine and direct links to popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay. However, the program is actually considered to be a type of malware known as a browser hijacker.

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MySearchDial is usually packaged in with other free downloads in order for it to gain access to the computer's hard drive without the user noticing it. After it is installed, the extension then makes a number of changes to the browser's settings and user preferences, including changing the homepage and the default search engine to MySearchDial. The program also displays many targeted advertisements and sponsored ads on all the search results and may also track the user's searching and browsing history.

This malware interferes with the user settings to constantly cancel out any changes the user tries to make to the settings, making it impossible to change the homepage or search engine until the program has fully been removed from the computer's hard drive. It cannot simply be uninstalled like a standard program, but instead needs to be fully scrubbed from the computer using a special malware detector.

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