How Do You Find Free Music on YouTube.com?


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As violations of music copyright laws are a common occurrence on YouTube.com, the best way to find music that is both free and legal is to visit the official YouTube channels of artists, ensembles or orchestras. Many of these individuals and groups post music or music samples of their work.

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In order to ensure that a particular artist, ensemble or orchestra YouTube page is, in fact, the official version, one can visit the official website of the individual or group. Official music artist websites often have links to official Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. Website visitors can click on the YouTube link to gain access to an official YouTube page. For example, the website of the Berliner Philharmoniker has a link to its official YouTube page at the bottom of its homepage. Website visitors who click on this link find themselves at the orchestra's official YouTube page, where music and music samples of the orchestra are available for free listening.

Mumford and Sons is another ensemble that has a link to an official YouTube page available on its official website. On the YouTube page, fans of the band can listen to samples of the band's music as well as full piece selections from concert tours.

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