How Does the MultiPlan Provider Network Work?

How Does the MultiPlan Provider Network Work?

The MultiPlan network is a complementary network to a health plan's primary preferred provider organization, or PPO, network. The MultiPlan network discount is available when selecting a complementary network provider instead of a PPO provider, according to the MultiPlan website.

The MultiPlan provider network offers additional providers outside of a health plan's preferred provider network, and this network can be tailored to meet specific needs. Workers' compensation, auto medical and government programs are types of coverage available through the MultiPlan network.

The workers' compensation network is used for work-related illnesses and injuries. This network contains providers who offer a variety of specialties and helps employers reduce medical costs and employees return to work more quickly.

The auto medical network is used to treat automobile-related injuries. This network offers access to providers who can help reduce medical bills and provide care for the injured.

Primary preferred provider organization networks can be customized for use with government programs. Government programs include TRICARE, Veteran's Administration, and Texas and Kansas Medicaid. These programs help to strengthen practitioner networks in certain areas and specialties. The national discount card network known as ValuePoint offers discounts when payment is made in full at the time of service.