What Is a Multimedia Messaging Service?


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Multimedia Messaging Service, or MMS, is a type of messaging service that uses the store-and-forward process to deliver multimedia files as messages. It enables users to send media files over wireless networks with the use of the WAP protocol.

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Users can send texts, images, audio files, video files or multiple media files by creating a multimedia message. They can take an instant photo using their phones’ camera or browse pictures, sounds or videos stored in their phones’ gallery. Any media file downloaded online and saved to a mobile phone can also be transmitted to other users via MMS.

People can also use MMS to send emails to an email address, although they cannot include attachments like regular emails. MMS is more similar to SMS than email as it applies the multimedia messaging concept, in which the pictures, audio and text are shown in a prearranged order as a single message. This is due to the coding of the message presentation into the presentation file.

Multimedia messages are placed in a special storage provided by the user’s GSM carrier if the phone receiving the MMS is turned off or not properly set up to accept multimedia messages. People can exchange MMS with each other if their mobile phones are compatible with MMS and run over a 3G or GPRS network.

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