How Much Use Do You Get From a 1 GB Data Plan?

A user with a 1 GB data plan using mixed capabilities can send about 600 emails, stream about 8 hours of music, have about 19 hours of surfing the web, create about 100 social media posts with photos, watch about 2 hours of streaming video or download about six apps, songs and games, according to AT&T. The usage amount of each selection can change due on the amount used.

A 1 GB data plan, used only for a singular activity, allows a user to send about 116,000 emails, stream about 34.5 hours of music, surf the Internet for about 69 hours and post about 3,000 social media posts with photos. It also allows a user to watch about 4 hours of streaming video or download about 222 apps, games or songs, notes AT&T.