How Much Does a TracFone Case Cost?


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The price of a TracFone case depends on the make and model of the TracFone, since a variety of phones are available through the provider. Some basic phone cases are available as bundle options from the company, but one can also find cases ranging from $1 and up.

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To find the make and model of a TracFone, access the settings menu of the phone. If the phone is Android-based, navigate to the menu and locate the icon labeled Settings. In the settings menu, look for the option labeled Phone Details. This menu lists the make and model of the phone as well as other information, including the Android phone version and phone number. Though the phone may have a style name, the make and model number helps locate the correct case and local and online dealers. If it is an older phone model, find Tracfone cases at local "dollar" stores and participating TracFone dealers.

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