How Much Money Do You Make If Your App Sells on Android Market?


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Most Android app developers earn less than $6,000 per app per year, according to VisionMobile. However, the bestselling apps earn huge sums, such as "Puzzles & Dragons," which earned $820 million through Google Play in 2013, reports Gamasutra. It is impossible to casually but accurately estimate app income in advance.

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The majority of app revenue is concentrated amongst a handful of established games and developers, according to Forbes. Therefore, although most Android developers are under the "app poverty line" according to VisionMobile, high quality apps have potential to sell well.

Not all the money from sales on Google Play goes to the developer. As of 2015, 70 percent of the revenue from app and in-app purchase sales goes to the developer, and the Google Play Store takes the remaining 30 percent as a fee, according to Google.

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