How Much Money Can You Make on Youtube?


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Although YouTube does not release statistics on the amount of money its paid content providers, called partners, make, an analytics company estimates that as of March 2014, its top video stars make from over $100,000 to several million dollars per year. The estimates are based on the number of daily views multiplied by possible advertising revenue.

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Content creators make money based on the ads that appear with their videos. The amount paid per thousand views varies based on the type of advertisement. In-stream ads appear before, during or after the videos. In-video ads appear under the video while the video is playing. Banner ads appear on the sides of videos. Creators who make the most money post high-quality videos frequently, gradually building up audiences through constant exposure. Many creators invest heavily in equipment and editing.

To join the YouTube partners program, content creators must provide original content without any copyrighted music, movie or TV clips, graphics, or pictures for which permission has not been obtained. Any video uploaded to YouTube can be submitted for monetization through the video manager, but not all videos are selected. Once videos are monetized, the agreement is nonexclusive, meaning that the video can also be uploaded to other sites. YouTube Analytics allows the tracking of the number of viewers and amount of money a video makes.

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