How Do You Know How Much Your Item Is Worth on EBay?


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You can determine the value of your item on eBay by comparing it with similar completed listings on eBay, using a search engine, using chat topics and taking the item to a specialty or antique shop to have the item appraised. Unfortunately, not all items are worth money.

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Comparing your item with similar items currently listed on eBay can be done by creating a brief description of your item with eBay's navigation bar. It's best that you check the highest first marker on the upper right side of the listing page to bypass worthless auctions. This method can also help you determine how old your item is. You might also want to get in touch with eBay members with similar items to see if they can help you determine the value of your item.

In addition to eBay value, the worth of your item can also be determined by wholesale value, retail value, future value, book value and insurance value. As of the mid-2000s, if your item is an antique or collectible, its value may have diminished more than you expect. Your geographic location can also determine how much your item is worth. In addition to prices in large, highly populated areas, the value of your item may be higher on the West Coast and East Coast.

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