How Much Does the Internet Weigh?

The Internet, as of 2011, weighs less than 2 ounces, according to the personal blog of the Harvard University physics professor Dr. Russell Seitz. This measurement includes a consideration of the data that makes up the Internet, which Seitz says consists of about "50 grams of electrons in motion," and that the silicon circuitry that makes the Internet function contributes a little more weight, leading to a final figure of under 2 ounces. The process of calculation is complicated by the fact that devices that are able to connect to the Internet vary in speed and may not always be in use.

Measuring the actual physical weight of the Internet is a difficult task due to the fact that the Internet, rather than being a fully tangible thing, is a collection of data and electronic code. However, though data is not necessarily visible to the naked eye if it is not being processed through a computer, it is a physical thing that does have weight, albeit an infinitesimally small weight. In order to determine the weight of the Internet, a researcher may need to define parameters for the experiment, such as the weight of all the data transferred over the Internet over the course of a 24-hour period.