How Much Data Does 256 Gigabytes of Storage Hold?


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256 gigabytes of storage can hold approximately up to 43,690 songs, 250 hours of digital video, 62.5 hours of DVD-quality movies or 78,380 photographs. The exact numbers depend heavily on the size of individual files.

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Users should also consider that the entire hard drive is not available for the user to access. For instance, Mac OS users must allocate some 21 gigabytes of storage for the operating system.

Hard drives always offer less storage space than is advertised. This is due to how the storage measurements scale. On a hard drive, a gigabyte equals 1,024 megabytes, and a megabyte equals 1,024 kilobytes. However, manufacturers inflate the storage space of the drive. A drive that promises 256 gigabytes offers 238 gigabytes of actual storage.

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