How Does Movie Box Work?


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Movie Box connects users to a database of links for online movie and TV shows. The application has to be installed in an unusual way in order to properly work on an Apple device, but once downloaded, it works similar to many torrent streaming websites, letting the user quickly navigate through a catalog of shows and choose what to watch.

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Before moving forward to download and use this program, understand that it is not an approved application. This means it is not hosted at the App store, and downloading it may potentially damage the device or worse.

Go to the phone's settings and adjust the date and time to September 16. Then proceed to open up the browser application, which in most cases is Safari. Press the download button to install the application, open the program and then return the date and time to default (automatic).

When the application is installed, it should quickly open and connect to its online database. Use the search function to find available movie streams. MovieBox will list available streams for the desired movie, along with the quality of the link. There are no guarantees that these links will work or that the download is safe.

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