How Do You Move Your Website From to 1&1 CPanel Hosting?

How Do You Move Your Website From to 1&1 CPanel Hosting?

Move your website from to 1&1 cPanel hosting by downloading the website content from, setting up a new Web hosting account at 1&1, and uploading the WordPress files. You must then import your MySQL database and adjust your DNS settings.

To download your website content from, connect via FTPS. Install FileZilla, and use the application to copy the three main folders from WordPress: wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes.

You must then set up a hosting account that includes an FTP user and a MySQL database at 1&1. To do so, create an account, click Secure FTP Account, and then click New User. Enter a username and a password. Select the directory that you want to access, and save the information. Make sure to write down your username and password.

To create the MySQL database, click MySQL Database under Manage Webspace, select New Database, and set up a password. Click Set Up, and then note down the information at the Overview screen. Start FileZilla, click File, and choose Site Manager. Click New Site, enter the information from the Overview screen, and click Connect. Then upload the files from your WordPress website to the Root directory.

To import your MySQL database, open the Hosting section of the 1&1 Control Panel, click MySQL Database, and select PhpMyAdmin. With the database selected, click Import from the menu at the top, choose Import, and then click File To Import. Click Browse, selected the database you exported, and click Open. Select Autom as the compression method and Utf8 as the character set.

Adjust your DNS settings to complete the process. Open the 1&1 Domain Center, and activate a domain. Using the toolbar, click Domain Settings, and then click Edit Destination. Select Webspace, select the directory that holds the WordPress files, and click Save.