How Do You Mount a TV?


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To mount a TV, attach the mounting arms to the TV, choose a location on the wall, attach the mount bracket to the wall and hang the TV. Use a stud finder to locate studs in your wall.

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  1. Attach the mounting arms to the TV

    Locate the mounting holes at the back of the television. Using the bolts provided in the mounting kit, attach the mounting arms to the holes at the back of the TV. Check to see that both mounting brackets are level.

  2. Choose a wall location

    Choose a location with good visibility and no glare. Ensure that the height at which the TV is mounted allows you to view comfortably from a seated position. Ensure that the center of the television is at least 40 inches from the floor and that there is easy access to an electrical outlet.

  3. Attach the mount bracket to the wall

    Locate two studs on the wall using a stud finder. Ensure that the wall studs correspond to the holes on the TV mounting arms. Drill pilot holes in the wall using a power drill. Use the bolts or screws provided to attach the wall bracket plate to the wall.

  4. Hang the TV

    Have someone lift and hold the TV while you interlock the brackets. Secure the mounting arms onto the bracket plate on the wall. Secure the connections according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to connect the cables.

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