How Do You Mount a Flat Screen Television on a Wall?

How Do You Mount a Flat Screen Television on a Wall?

Mounting a flat screen television on a wall is a simple process that requires some caution. The process takes about an hour, and you need a screwdriver, lever, stud finder, drywall saw and a pencil. It is also helpful to have an assistant. If the mount on the set does not allow a swivel, you will have to set the television at eye level. If the mount swivels up and down and to each side, you have more options.

  1. Mark the desired position

    Use a stud finder to find the best position around your chosen area to screw the mount into two studs. Place the mounting unit against the wall, and mark the bolt holes with a pencil, using a lever to make sure the mount sits straight.

  2. Hide the wires

    Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the upper wall plate, and cut an appropriately sized hole in the drywall. Connect the wall plate's cord to the lower wall plate, and screw in the upper wall plate. Insert the cable line through the aperture, and connect it to the lower wall plate, leaving enough slack for maximum extension of the television.

  3. Mount the television

    Bolt the television to the mount, making sure to connect all proper cables, power cords and speaker cables if you are connecting it to a separate sound system.