How Do You Mount Backup Lights on a Vehicle?


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Mount standard backup lights onto a vehicle by drilling holes in the vehicle's body for the lights, running a cable to the front of the vehicle and splicing the cable onto the vehicle's battery cable. Some backup light products mount using clamps or magnets and do not require splicing.

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For traditional backup lights, decide where you want to put the lights on the vehicle, and drill holes for the light fixture. Secure the fixture to the vehicle using bolts. After running a cable to the front of the vehicle, use a wiring harness to splice the backup light cable onto the vehicle's main battery cable. Choose a place in the middle of the cable, and wire in a switch to control the backup lights. Some backup lights come with a switch pre-installed.

If you have a truck with a recreational vehicle or trailer outlet, newer products make installing backup lights much easier. These products connect the backup lights directly to the outlet using a special plug and seven-pin connector, eliminating the need for splicing. Some of these products install with traditional bolts, but many use powerful magnets or clamps. Magnets and clamps not only make backup lights easier to install, but they prevent the need to fill screw holes if you decide to remove the lights.

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