What Are Motorola L6 USB Drivers?


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A Motorola L6 USB driver is a driver program required for a 32-bit computer to communicate with a Motorola handset connected to the computer via USB port. Without the correct L6 USB driver, a Motorola handset plugged into the USB port is not accessible by a computer's software.

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Each model of Motorola phone may require a different driver. To find out which driver a specific phone may require and how to download that driver, visit Motorola's customer support page at motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com.

A driver operates like a translator between the device plugged into the USB port and the computer. Every device has a set of specified commands that can only be understood by the correct driver, while computer software operates from generic commands. A driver translates the generic commands of the computer into the specific commands of the device so the device and computer can work together. All hardware plugged into any computer's USB drive requires an associated driver for that hardware to operate with the computer.

Drivers can usually be found and downloaded from the hardware manufacturer's website. Some devices include an existing operating system. Devices without an existing operating system require an additional download of that system before the device can function properly.

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