How Do You Do a Motherboard BIOS Update?

How Do You Do a Motherboard BIOS Update?

To update a motherboard's BIOS, identify the BIOS version, then check the manufacturer's website for applicable updates. Read the documentation included with the update, then update the BIOS by downloading and executing the patch from the manufacturer.

To safely update the motherboard's BIOS, follow the steps below.

  1. Identify the existing BIOS version
  2. Identify the BIOS version by opening System Information by typing "msinfo32" into the search bar or Run box of Windows 7/Vista or XP, respectively. Select System Summary to view the BIOS version. Record the number and, if applicable, the date.

  3. Check for updates
  4. Go to the PC manufacturer's website and check the support section for the PC to update. Download the BIOS update file and documentation if there is one. Check the website of the motherboard manufacturer for self-assembled PCs. Identify the model number with an application such as CPU-Z.

  5. Read the documentation
  6. Carefully study the documentation to make sure that the system is prepared for the BIOS update. Install any necessary hardware patches prior to BIOS updates.

  7. Update the BIOS
  8. Close all programs and ensure that the PC has an uninterruptible power supply, such as a battery, in case of an unexpected power cut. Open the .exe update file and allow it to automatically update the BIOS before rebooting.