How Do You Find Mophie Replacement Parts?

Replacement cables, chargers and adapters are available from Mophie's Web store and its authorized retail partners. Mophie does not sell repair parts or internal components for its products as of 2015, but it repairs or replaces defective products that qualify for its manufacturer's warranty.

Mophie's manufacturer's warranty protects against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty covers new products for one year from the time of purchase and certified refurbished products for 90 days from the time of purchase. The warranty applies to products purchased directly from Mophie or from an authorized retailer.

Mophie provides basic troubleshooting instructions for its battery products on the company's frequently asked questions page. This information page also provides up-to-date Web addresses and telephone numbers for Mophie technical support, customer service and warranty support. It also includes product comparisons, tips to get the most out of Mophie products and technical help with software features.

The company's product catalog includes battery packs, docks, cases and belt clips. Its cases are fitted and available for iPhones and a limited number of Android smartphones, but a selection of its docks and belt clips are universal. Mophie's battery packs, cables and chargers are also universal accessories that work with a wide variety of smartphones.