How Do You Monitor Someone's Cellphone Usage?

Cellphone usage can be monitored through a tracking application, such as My Mobile Watchdog, TeenSafe or mSpy, as of May 2015. Tracking applications are only legal on the cellphone of a child or employee, and the person must be notified.

If the cellphone is on your account, usage information is also included on the bill. Some carriers include features for parents to monitor changes in a child's cellphone.

After being installed on a phone, a tracking application records activity such as text messages, calls and Web browsing. The information recorded varies based on the application. Depending on the application, this information may then be available for viewing online through a computer, through the application on another smartphone, or both. Certain applications have location services that keep track of the phone's location through GPS.

Certain applications, such as mSpy, run invisibly after installation. The application uses minimal battery power and data uploads that contain tracking information are kept small. Settings for the application can be modified on a control panel which the person who set up the application can access.

Tracking applications are designed for use by parents and companies. Parents can use tracking applications to keep their children safe and ensure they are using their phones appropriately. Companies can also verify that phones they provide to employees are being used appropriately and that important data isn't being leaked.