With Modern Computer Technology, Why Do You Need to Use Command Prompt Commands?


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Command prompt commands are still useful with modern computer technology because they allow for the use of more complex actions. Using a command prompt tool also allows users to perform faster commands, chain multiple commands together or access other computers remotely.

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There are many differences between using command line commands and a graphical user interface (GUI). Depending on the situation, using command prompt commands can be easier and more productive. When transferring files from one location to another obscure location, the files can be transferred with a single command. Furthermore, using a command line is often faster than using a GUI. Individuals utilizing command prompt commands can perform several actions with a few lines of code.

A GUI generally takes more resources to run, because they incorporate fonts, icons, video drivers and other miscellaneous elements. A command line prompt requires very few resources to run and puts less of a strain on the computer. Another benefit of command line prompts is their ability to perform multiple actions at once. This is called scripting, and it allows systems administrators to chain together multiple actions that would otherwise require them to spend a great deal of time clicking away on a GUI.

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