What Models of Samsung Cellphones Hold Their Value the Longest?


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Samsung's flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones are most likely to retain a good portion of their initial value for trade-in or resale compared to other Samsung phones. Samsung's inexpensive smartphones and flip phones are unlikely to hold much value.

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Samsung uses the Galaxy name for many of its smartphone products outside the Galaxy S and Note lines, such as the Galaxy Ring and Galaxy Prevail. Many of these phones are intended for use with prepaid services and are usually inexpensive even as new devices, so they are unlikely to have significant resale value. Despite the name, these Galaxy phones are also much less powerful than contemporary Galaxy S models, which hurts their long-term resale value.

Though Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones hold their value best among Samsung's cellular phone products, the maximum resale value of these phones drops sharply with time. The value of these phones drops significantly six months after release, though the larger phablet Note phones tend to have higher resale values due to their high demand in Asian markets. Galaxy S and Note models are comparable in resale price to Apple's iPhone within the first six months of release. However, iPhones tend to hold more value over longer periods of time.

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