How Do You Mod a PC?

Modify a PC by changing the external and visible internal components to transform the look of the machine or swapping out internal parts for enhanced performance or style. PC modding includes tweaking system files and settings to match changes made to hardware configurations. Modding a purchased PC may void the warranty.

Case modding begins with designing a new case concept and determining what parts and accessories are required to make the changes. Simple case mods may open a case so others may see what lies inside or add lights and windows to existing cases. More advanced case modding includes cutting away large sections of PC case components and even altering motherboards and interior components to fit a design aesthetic. The most basic mods possible are often color changes, and even these minor changes often require fully disassembling key computer components.

Transforming the inside of the computer may require only adding a few LED lights or a whole series of lighting controllers and sequencers to allow the setup to respond to sounds or input from system components. Internal transformation often involves swapping out stock components with aftermarket designs that fit the desired design aesthetic, and these may or may not increase overall power or affect performance.