How Do You Get a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot?

How Do You Get a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot?

To get a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, activate the mobile hotspot feature on a smartphone, go into the phone's settings menu, choose the Wi-Fi hotspot or connections option and configure the hotspot. On a computer or tablet, connect to the network using the standard Wi-Fi connection process.

Run through the following steps to turn a smartphone into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

  1. Make sure the hotspot feature is activated
  2. Some phones and carriers require tethering plans to access hotspot features. Make sure the hotspot feature is available before trying to set up a network.

  3. Go into the Settings menu
  4. The option to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot is located in the settings menu on iOS, Android and Windows phones.

  5. Find the hotspot option
  6. Different operating systems locate the hotspot option under different menus. On an iPhone, the hotspot option is located in the Cellular menu. On an Android, it is located in the Wireless and Networks menu. On a Windows phone, it is located under the Internet Sharing menu.

  7. Choose a network name and password
  8. Use the automatically generated user name and password or set up unique log in data.

  9. Turn on the hotspot
  10. Switch on the hotspot on the phone.

  11. Connect to the Internet on a computer or tablet
  12. Look for the Wi-Fi connection on a computer or tablet and select it.