What Is a Mobile Phone Location Tracker?


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A mobile phone location tracker, such as Lookout, is an application that enables smartphone users to view a device's specific location on a map. This piece of software accurately determines the position of the mobile phone whether the device is stationary or moving. For example, Lookout can pinpoint the handset's location even if it is being carried by someone who is traveling.

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A mobile phone location tracker is a useful tool for owners with lost or misplaced devices. Determining the phone's whereabouts typically uses global positioning system technology, where tracking data is displayed on a Web-based mapping service, such as Google Maps. Lookout, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, tracks the position of a mobile phone to within a few feet of its exact location, states Lookout.com.

To use the Lookout program, individuals need to download the application and install it on an Internet-enabled device. When tracking a missing or stolen phone, owners only have to sign in to a valid Lookout account to start the tracking process. Once the relevant information is provided, the location of the lost mobile device is then indicated via Google Maps.

Lookout users who are unable to view their device on the map can click on a button to activate a shrill alarm that serves as an audible guide to direct owners to their missing phones. It should be noted that using a mobile phone location tracker to monitor other people's property without their consent is against the law.

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