What Is a Mobile IMEI Tracker?


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A mobile IMEI tracker is an International Mobile Equipment Identity used by a GSM network to identify valid mobile devices and help consumers track their lost or stolen mobile devices. Located under the battery of most phones, the mobile IMEI is a unique 15 to 17 digit code.

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The IMEI is also often printed on a white label on the mobile device box pack. When registered, a mobile device is tracked using the IMEI, and the make and model. When a Mobile device is stolen or lost, the IMEI is entered into a database of stolen, and lost and found mobile devices usually linked to reporting agencies, mobile phone sellers, mobile phone insurers, buyers and law enforcement. Once tracked, the device is returned to its rightful owner using the details provided during registration.

The IMEI number is used to block the phone from accessing a network and placing calls. Mobile phone owners who have their phones stolen can instruct their network providers to disable their phones using the IMEI number. In addition, owners of stolen or lost mobile devices can contact the Central Equipment Identity Register and have their devices blacklisted. Doing this makes the lost or stolen mobile devices unusable. The IMEI is used for identifying the mobile device and not the subscriber.

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