What Are Some Mobile Games Similar to Subway Surfers?


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"Temple Run," "Jetpack Joyride" and "Into the Dead" are some mobile games similar to "Subway Surfers." These games belong to the endless running video game genre, a category of games in which players keep playing until they fail to overcome obstacles that continuously appear through procedural generation.

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"Temple Run" and its sequel "Temple Run 2" let players take the role of an adventurer trying to escape a group of monkeys after stealing a treasure from a temple. "Jetpack Joyride" is a side-scrolling video game that features the character Barry Steakfries, who steals a jet pack from a secret laboratory and causes havoc to evil scientists. "Into the Dead" is about a survivor who, having lived through a helicopter crash, is on the run to avoid a zombie onslaught.

Although these games have differences in graphics style, story and other game elements, they all deliver a never-ending game world for as long as players persist through the challenges. All playable game characters are continually in motion, and players must control their movement to evade incoming obstacles and pitfalls. In-game transactions are available for upgrading the attributes of game characters and increasing their chances of survival. Players can determine how they fare against other players by comparing high scores.

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