How Do You Mix Your Own Dubstep Beats?


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Use a music mixing program such as DubStep Studio, Jam Glue or DubStep Cube to create your own dubstep beats. Dubstep music features syncopated rhythms and prominent baselines. Music mixing software offers different sound effects and premade tracks so that users can create their own songs without needing technical skills.

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DubStep Studio allows users to mix premade sound effect tracks. The software has no search function and the tracks are not labeled, so users must listen to each track to determine if they want to use it or not. Once users add tracks to the mix, they can adjust the volume of individual tracks. DubStep Studio is aimed at new users who want to understand the basics of creating dubstep tracks.

Jam Glue allows users to upload music samples and tracks to work from. The program also has searchable, labeled premade tracks from different instruments and with a variety of beat patterns. Users can change the speed and volume of tracks with Jam Glue, making it somewhat more advanced than DubStep Studio.

DubStep Cube has sound effects and beats preloaded into an interactive cube image on the screen. Users click on different parts of the cube to play different tracks. Although it is relatively simplistic, this program may be more intuitive for some users than DubStep Studio or Jam Glue due to its highly visual interface.

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