How Do You Mix Music Online?


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Mix music online by using the tools on websites such as Audiotool.com, Muziic.com, Audio-Joiner.com or Until.am, as of 2015. Each site provides different methods for mixing music, with some focusing on modifying the sound or structure of existing songs while others allow you to create new music and combine it with existing tracks.

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Audiotool.com features a cloud-based music creation program that allows you to upload samples or full audio tracks to modify with its extensive suite of music editing tools. It also contains functionality for creating new music through the use of different digital music packs, such as drum or keyboard sounds. You may edit both original sounds and existing tracks with its various mixing features, then publish the tracks to social networking sites.

The mixing tool on Muziic.com requires you to upload multiple songs and mix them together with a virtual DJ station. The tool allows you to control the playback speed and direction for the songs, loop tracks and add different effects.

AudioJoiner.com enables you to merge multiple music files into a single track, with options to control the crossfade between songs and select the exact sections to join. It does not offer the ability to create custom sounds or modify the tone of the music.

Until.am allows you to upload your own tracks, create custom sounds and effects and modify the tonality of each sound file. It also contains various special effects tools to add echo, reverb or distortion to the tracks.

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