How Do Military Drones Work?


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A military drone is an aircraft operated remotely from a local location or from thousands of miles away. The launch and landing is controlled locally, then the drone is flown remotely from an airbase using satellites. The troops on the ground receive images or intelligence generated by the flying drone.

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How Do Military Drones Work?
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In a military context, drones are used to gather intelligence, for reconnaissance, for surveillance and for identifying targets. Some drones are capable of carrying and launching missiles. Some drones follow a pre-planned flight path, rather than being controlled remotely. As of 2015, interest in military drones is rising, as they allow armies to execute tactical operations without putting the lives of soldiers at risk. Some drones can also be less susceptible to human error than standard aircraft.

Some drones are designed to hover extremely high in the air, allowing the operator to discretely gather information and intelligence in real time. Some people object to the use of striking drones because of the possibility of harming innocent civilians. Drone technology has been progressing consistently since the 1950s, and drones were first used in a military setting by Israel in the 1980s. As of 2015, Israel still produces drones and uses them for gathering information about nearby Arab countries.

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