Why Might Someone Want a Non-Smart Phone Cell Phone?

Bankrate.com states that the high price of smart phones and accompanying data plans is one reason people choose non-smart phone cell phones. With an average of 5.7 Internet-connected devices per household, some determine smart phones and their continuous connection an unnecessary expense.

Of the Big Four cell phone service carriers, CBS News reports that the average monthly cell phone bill ranges from $120 at T-Mobile to $148 at Verizon. CBS News estimates monthly bills to continue increasing based on the growing demand for data usage by smart phones. As of 2015, Verizon Wireless charges $65 per month for a smart phone with a 3-gigabyte usage plan. In comparison, basic cell phone customers pay $25 per month for 700 minutes. Opting for a non-smart phone cell phone saves $40 per month per phone line.

In addition to saving money, someone may prefer basic cell phones to smart phones in order to enjoy time spent completely disconnected from the Internet without distraction. MakeUseOf.com considers push notifications from smart phones as overly disruptive and intrusive. The ability to unplug from the Internet yet keep the convenience of a cell phone provides more time to focus on relationships, on work or to get lost in thought. MakeUseOf.com prefers to use a tablet or computer to check email, Twitter and Facebook notifications on his schedule.