Why Might a Phone Be Very Slow?


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A slow phone may lack CPU power and have insignificant system RAM, or it may just be running too many applications in the background. All applications demand processing power from the CPU and memory from the system RAM in order to operate. When system demand is high, it leaves little room for the operating system to perform even the most basic of tasks, resulting in a very slow device.

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There are many ways to speed up a phone that is running slowly. Phones are usually bundled with applications that were installed by the manufacturer. These applications are often referred to as bloatware because the user doesn't require them, and they slow down the device. Usually, factory-installed bloatware cannot be uninstalled, but there may be an option to disable some or all unwanted applications.

User-installed applications can also slow down the device, so it's a good idea to remove any that are not in use. Advanced users may install a custom ROM on their Android device. A custom ROM usually has no bloatware installed, and every installed feature can be removed to speed up the device.

Files also take up storage space. When storage space is running low, they often take up the system RAM too. Deleting all unnecessary files can help speed up the device. Live wallpapers and homescreen widgets consume CPU and RAM resources, which can slow down the phone.

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