What Are Some Microsoft Windows 8 Basics?


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The most prominent features of Windows 8 that distinguish it from previous versions are its touch screen interface and dual home screens. One home screen, the desktop, is in the traditional Windows desktop format, while the other, the Start screen, is in a Windows application format.

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Getting accustomed to these features presents a challenge for some users, particularly when it comes to toggling between the home screens and learning which screen is used for which situations. For instance, when you save a file to your local drive you should know that the file will save to the traditional desktop screen, not the application screen. But when you become accustomed to the dual screens and touch capabilities, you will find the interface to be user-friendly and efficient.

Other notable, though less drastic features of Windows 8 include a system-wide spell checker for all its programs, full-screen applications, a system-wide search feature that includes your music and video library, and a built-in antivirus program, Windows Defender. In the past, Window Defender had to be installed in previous versions of Windows. The Windows 8 package of features, especially the touch screen, delivers the flexibility needed to use the operating system across multiple devices like computers, cell phones and tablets.

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