What Is Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter?


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Microsoft's Teredo tunneling adapter is an interpreter which translates IPv4 addresses to IPv6 addresses and vice versa, according to Appuals. This ensures that communication between networks using different Internet Protocols, or IP, versions is possible.

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IPv4 addresses are the underlying technology which make it possible to connect devices to the Internet, explains Mashable. Whenever a device connects to the Internet, it is assigned a unique IP address. For data transfer between two computers over a network, each data packet must contain the IP addresses of both devices.

IPv6 is the sixth revision to the IP protocol. It provides the same functionality as IPv4, but instead utilizes 128-bit addresses, says Mashable. This revision was conceived because the amount of free IPv4 addresses is running out. Microsoft's Teredo tunneling adapter assists the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 as it allows networks using different versions of the IP protocol to communicate, according to Appauls.

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