How Does the Microsoft Synaptics Touchpad Work?


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The Microsoft Synaptics TouchPad works by making gestures or movements on the pad with one, two, three or four fingers. Most common gestures, such as moving the cursor, pinch zoom and accessing the charms bar, only require the use of one or two fingers.

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Tap on the Synaptics TouchPad once with one finger anywhere on the pad to operate the primary button synonymous with a left mouse click. Tap with two fingers to operate the secondary right click. Scroll vertically or horizontally by resting two fingers on the pad and moving them in the scroll direction. Use the zoom out feature by placing two fingers on the pad and spreading them apart, or bring them in closer to each other to zoom in.

In addition to manipulating the screen in front of you with the Synaptics TouchPad, access the Windows 8 charms bar by placing a finger at the right edge of your pad and swiping your finger inward. Do the same swipe from the left edge of the pad to select open applications. Many of the gestures for the pad are designed to function similarly on touch screens, such as zooming and accessing charms. Some Synaptics TouchPad gestures, such as those used to access the primary and secondary buttons, are different on touch screens.

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