What Is Microsoft Exchange?


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Microsoft Exchange is a messaging server for businesses that allows them to communicate using e-mail. The system helps companies to protect their data and work more efficiently.

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Microsoft Exchange is a productivity tool that enables coworkers within companies to collaborate and communicate easily via e-mail. It is a server that businesses can customize based on their individual needs. Microsoft Exchange provides large capacity e-mail boxes that are reliable, allowing teams to deal with high volumes of communication so that they can work efficiently, according to Microsoft.

As the e-mail communication is controlled within the organization, Microsoft Exchange provides increased protection for sensitive data. Administrators can grant access according to the particular role of an employee, making it easier to manage the sharing of information and delegate work tasks. This also makes it simpler to manage compliance so that employees conform to both the internal rules of the company and any policies from external regulators.

Microsoft Exchange also offers built-in features to defend against spam, viruses and other cybersecurity issues that could infiltrate the company via e-mail. Together with the features that integrate with SharePoint and prevent data loss, the Microsoft Exchange server keeps information safe and prevents companies from having to store their data in multiple locations.

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