What Is MFJ Ham Radio Equipment Used For?


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MFJ ham radio equipment is used for amateur radio communications. This equipment is designed, manufactured and sold by MFJ Enterprises, Inc., which was founded in Starkville, Mississippi, by Martin F. Jue.

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The FCC enforces a number of rules and standards for all ham radio operators. Ham radio is intended for communications between amateur operators, and individuals cannot use MFJ ham radio equipment to purposefully broadcast to the public. As of 2015, the FCC has also ruled that ham radio operators cannot transmit music, although an exception is made for singing "Happy Birthday." Even in emergency situations, operators can only broadcast on emergency channels as an absolute last resort. These broadcasts are only allowed in case of immediate threat to property or life.

For ham radio operators, sending codes, ciphers and encrypted messages is typically forbidden. However, the FCC makes an exception for people sending remote commands to private satellites. Operators cannot engage in deception or impersonate others. Additionally, operators must use FCC-approved frequencies and equipment when transmitting.

MFJ devices include antennas, antenna tuners, frequency analyzers and power supplies. MFJ noise-cancelling devices reduce background hum from power lines, computers, lamps and other electrical appliances. These devices aid legible communication between ham radio operators.

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