How Do Metro PCS Phones Compare to Other Cellular Devices?


Metro PCS offers phones from a number of manufacturers who sell to other providers as well, so its overall product range is comparable to other providers. However, Metro PCS plans are prepaid, while the big phone providers typically offer contract plans, so upfront costs for Metro PCS phones are higher.

Like other prepaid phone providers, Metro PCS offers only moderate discounts on most of the phones they sell, so people looking to buy a newer, high-end phone might have to pay hundreds more. However, the monthly costs of the company's plans are typically lower as most cell phone companies make up for the cost of subsidies over the life of the contract by charging more for monthly service. Metro PCS users can cancel their plans at any time.

Because the subsidy for Metro PCS phones is smaller than for providers of traditional phone plans, they also offer a broader selection of low-cost phones. As of March 2015, for example, Metro PCS offers phones from Alcatel and ZTE, two brands not commonly seen on other carriers. Traditional service providers tend to offer only well-known brands to lure in customers.

Metro PCS is owned by T-Mobile, so phones work on both networks if they're unlocked. As a result, people looking to switch to Metro PCS from T-Mobile can generally bring their phones with them.