How does the Metro PCS GPS tracking work?


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Tracking a Metro PCS mobile device's location using GPS technology is possible as satellites communicate with wireless device service towers which communicate data to and from devices. For the data obtained through tracking to be accurate, the phone must be on and have its GPS enabled. Some devices and operating systems require installation of an application to track the devices successfully.

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Metro PCS smartphones that run Android 2.2 or newer come from the factory with the Android Device Manager application installed, enabling the device to be tracked. Android Device Manager is a Google service that enables tracking of any device connected to the account. The application also features remote data removal and enables remote personal identification number changes to lock others out of a lost or stolen device.

Some popular aftermarket applications designed for GPS tracking for Android devices are Cerebus, Avast, Lookout and Prey. These applications are engineered to help owners of lost or stolen phones, though they can be used in some cases to track someone else's device.

Users can track missing non-smartphones only if they previously installed AccuTracking or a similar GPS tracking application on the device before it was lost or stolen. Such applications only function if the device has a GPS chip enabled and the device is on.

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