How Does Metro Cellular Coverage Compare to That of Other Cell Phone Carriers?


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As of 2015, MetroPCS coverage is concentrated in cities and is not as good in rural areas as some other carriers. Coverage is especially poor for 4G service in some western states. This is mainly due to MetroPCS using the T-Mobile network for service.

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How Does Metro Cellular Coverage Compare to That of Other Cell Phone Carriers?
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MetroPCS has been the prepaid phone service arm of T-Mobile since the merger of the two companies in 2012, so the coverage for phones serviced on MetroPCS and T-Mobile is essentially identical. The MetroPCS celluar network covers a large portion of the continental United States either through the network itself or through partner networks, but 4G coverage is concentrated in cities. States in the western part of the country, such as Wyoming, Nebraska, the Dakotas and Montana, have almost no 4G service. There are also significant areas with no coverage at all in large parts of Idaho, Washington, Nevada and Oregon.

Competitors of MetroPCS, such as AT&T, have networks with better cellular coverage overall than MetroPCS. This advantage is particularly pronounced in areas like eastern Oregon and Montana. In some instances, AT&T extends 4G LTE service to areas that are completely devoid of service for MetroPCS customers. However, coverage nearer to major cities is very comparable between MetroPCS and its competitors.

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