What Are Some Methods of Making Cheap Long Distance Calls?


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Internet phone services such as Jajah and Talkster offer simple, inexpensive long distance calling with good voice quality using standard phones. Similar services include Rebtel, Mobivox and magicJack.

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To use Jajah, enter the number you want to call at Jajah.com. Jajah then calls your phone and connects you to the number you are calling. Talkster and Rebtel work by assigning special numbers to you and the people you call, and these numbers are then used when making calls.

To use Mobivox, you call a local access number, and an operator connects the call. A small USB device is used with your computer to use the magicJack service. Additionally, some cable companies and services like Vonage and Packet8 offer long distance calling using regular phones, but these services tend to be more expensive than Internet phone services.

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