What Are the Merits and Demerits of Computer Technology?

The positive side of computer technology is the ability of all people who use computers to stay connected; the negative side of computer technology is the lack of privacy that exists in a society that is heavy with computer technology. While computers provide a place for all people to stay connected on both personal and business levels, they also prevent people from keeping many of the things that they want private.

Computers have also changed the way that people do business on a daily basis. People can streamline every aspect of their life on the computer from shopping to banking and even working. This has led to many people relying solely on computers for their lives. The negative side to technology changing the way that people go about their daily routines has lead to unemployment, data security issues and greater health risks. Computers are able to replace even some of the most complicated tasks, such as grocery shopping. Shoppers can now use automated systems at grocery stores that will automatically check them out, reducing the need for cashiers. When all information is stored on a computer, there is a greater risk for a person to be affected by a security breech and have their information stolen. Computers can also lead to more sedentary lifestyles that contribute to obesity and heart disease.