How Do You Merge Columns in Excel?


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To merge columns in Microsoft Excel, utilize the CONCATENATE function, and create a merging formula. Add the designations of the cells that contain the desired data to the formula, and copy the formula to other cells in the new column until the content of the original columns becomes fully merged.

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  1. Analyze the cell designations

    Open the Excel file containing the columns you wish to merge, and write down the cell designations of the first cells in each column you plan to merge. For example, cells A1 and B1 represent the initial entries in the columns A and B.

  2. Create a formula that merges the content

    Click on a cell in an empty column, click on the formula field, and type in “=CONCATENATE”. Next to the CONCATENATE function, type in cell designations you wrote down earlier, separate them with commas, and enclose them with curved brackets. For example, if the necessary cells were A1 and B1, the formula would be “=CONCATENATE(A1, B1)". If you wish to separate the data from the different columns, add an empty space enclosed with quotation marks between the cell designations.

  3. Copy the formula

    Select the cells below the one containing the formula in the same column, and make sure that you select enough cells to accommodate the merged data. Right-click on any of them, and select the Paste Special option. Click on the Formulas option in the Paste Special dialog box, and click OK. This should populate the new column with the data from the columns you wished to merge.

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