What Does the Medtronic Minimed Therapy Management Software From Carelink Do?


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The Medtronic Minimed therapy management software from Carelink is a secure, web-based therapy management. The software allows a patient to upload the data from their insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring devices and blood glucose meter into a free web-based program.

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What Does the Medtronic Minimed Therapy Management Software From Carelink Do?
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The software acts as a virtual logbook to precisely track the insulin intake and glucose levels, which make it convenient to check glucose level changes with daily activities including meals and exercises. It helps to detect the effects of particular foods and portion sizes on the glucose level. The commonly used reports include the sensor daily overlay, the sensor overlay by meal and the daily summary. The sensor daily overlay report shows seven days of glucose sensor readings in a single chart making it easier to identify any recurring patterns from day to day and during particular times of the day.

The sensor overlay by meal report portrays the effects of food, bolus insulin and pre-meal glucose levels on post-meal control. The daily summary report displays glucose readings, basal and bolus insulin delivery, and exercise and carbohydrate levels for one day. The tables display the actual numeric value while the charts and the graphs provide a visual representation. These charts and tables help an individual and the health care provider to discover the patterns and problems more easily and make the necessary therapy adjustments quicker and accurately.

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