How Do You Know If a Medical Website Is Run by a Real Doctor?


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To know if a medical website is run by a real doctor, check their About Us page. The About Us page includes clear information on the person who runs the site and the purpose of the site.

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The About Us section should have the scientific and professional information of the person who owns the website. In case the website is run by an editorial board, the qualifications and profession of the members are listed on this page. The various articles on the website should also include information on the person who wrote them. If a doctor owns the website, but some articles are written by individuals, there should be clear information on whether the articles are reviewed by a doctor.

Some websites may also have information on the individuals who run and sponsor the site on their homepage. Others have information on the doctors who wrote each article on the acknowledgement section. You should always read this section to ensure that the health information was written by a qualified professional. If it was written by an individual who is not a professional, a doctor should review it.

The Contact Us page can also help you to determine if the website belongs to a doctor. The contact information may include the name of the doctor or doctors who run the website, as well as their contact information and offices.

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