How Do You Find the Meaning of Text Lingo?

How Do You Find the Meaning of Text Lingo? and are two online text lingo dictionaries. Both websites are updated frequently to reflect new text lingo, evolving phrases, chat slang and short message service, or sms.

At and, you can locate the meanings of specific text lingo, phrases and abbreviations via a search function. There is also a complete list of terms that you can scroll through, like a dictionary, or you can edit existing terms or add new terms.

Text message shorthand is one aspect of The website also features other kinds of shorthand that you might use while texting or posting messages on social media, such as acronyms, smileys and jargon. Similarly, at you can browse text lingo and chat abbreviations alphabetically.

If you prefer a physical or electronic reference, has an actual dictionary available through booksellers, such as If you have text lingo and simply want to translate a single term, try Trasl8it! at You also can add lingo or review popular terms on a list of top messages.'s translator is similar to Google Translate, with two side-by-side fields. You enter the terms into the field on the left hand side, and the translation appears in the opposite field. You can translate lingo to English or English to lingo.